Tuesday, November 16, 2004

um, where's my limewire.

I love Music.

"Music hates me".

This is Richard.

"I love music, I buy it by the ton and I watch it performed live as often as I can. My girlfriend is, amongst other things, a musician in a band. She owns an Apple iPod but she is way too busy to load our CD collection onto it. So, during a recent period of unemployment I decided to rip the lot to mp3 format and load it onto the iPod – over 7000 tracks.

I BRIEFLY shared the iTunes folder containing the ripped mp3 files on KaZaA. The damn thing went crazy, and, after a couple of days, I stopped sharing the folder. Unfortunately, during this period, the BPI were listening in."

Shit. Hope things work out OK.

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1 comment:

Stephen Newton said...

Some tasks only get done if you're on the dole for a while, or break a leg perhaps. But seriously, everyone likes to think the industry won't catch up, but I'm not so sure. After all, file sharing's done in public with stangers...