Tuesday, November 30, 2004

karl lagerfeld is an idiot

Interesting to read that Karl Lagerfeld is outraged that H & M are selling his new range of clothes for 'slim and slender people' in sizes 14 and 16! He is furious apparently. I was going to suggest that you boycott Hennes as a consequence, but it seems they're not very happy about his comments either, so I'll just have to suggest you boycott Hennes because all the clothes are nasty, cheap and shiny.


Anonymous said...

But, it has to be said, their clothes for children are great.


Anonymous said...

I think they should make some even larger sizes, with perhaps some 'fat and proud' individuals modelling them. Lagerfeld clearly has a conceited sense of his own 'artistic' aesthetic, and it's pretty shaming that he is prepared to say such things publicly...he makes himself look very small.

jonathan said...

Actually, now I think about it, the obvious thing is not to boycott Hennes at all, but instead to persuade everyone one knows who isn't suitably 'slim and slender' to buy his clothing immediately and wear it all the time. Let's get that 'lagerfeld - fat people' association thing really going strong.

zuzula said...

jeeez, what a dickhead. Not only for being so damned sizeist (?) but also for working with H&M, the shittest clothes chain in the world ever, in the first place. If I ever decide buy a crappy top for £2.50 that doesn't fit and is guaranteed to fall apart after the first wash, I'll know where to go - but hopefully someone will shoot me before i get there.

Rant over!

Now off to get a nice cup of tea and calm down :)

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