Sunday, November 28, 2004

make a fellow blogger very happy

Assistant have just competed in the Juice FM Demo Clash! Here's the track that was played (right click and save target as to download). Details on how to vote for us follow...

Well, that's the first time my voice has ever been transmitted on the radio, let alone the first time that the good people of Brighton have had to suffer my one solitary guitar solo which consists of more than three notes. It was a very odd and exciting experience! 'It's Alright' is quite a long song, which dispenses with all lyrics half way through and rattles off on a slightly random bent thereafter. But Claire played almost all of it, and thoroughly enjoyable it was too.

Listening was weird, like I kept forgetting that I wasn't just listening to our CD and then getting a jolt, thinking, agh, this is on the radio. Of course, the experience makes you feel insecure too, thinking 'we didn't do that right' or 'why didn't we record backing vocals' or 'why did she choose this track?". Well, anyway, I thought our song was the better of the two.

That was great. More Assistant on the radio please.

Please vote for us - you need to email Claire Kember with the subject line 'Demo Clash' and of course, tell her that you would like Assistant to win. It would be much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

OK. I've just voted :-)

jonathan said...

Thanks very much!!! Is it ethical for me to vote, do you think?

Anonymous said...

Hi there.

I listened to the show last night and thought your song was much better, so I have duly voted. Hope you win.


Powerful Pierre said...

Well, I've voted for us!
Assistant Pete

jonathan said...

Hurray!!! We won! Thanks so much for voting, everyone who did!