Monday, November 22, 2004

so tell me...

Have I reached that point in my life when I just don't get the music on the radio? Nah, I don't think so. But I just listened to three live tracks by the White Stipes on the Steve Lamacq show and they were just absolutely dreadful - bordering on unlistenable. Their rendition of a song I've heard of (Button to Button, is that right?) was, on first listen, reminiscent of one of those Spinal Tap comedy songs; all dirty, cliched riffing and absurd falsetto vocals. I just couldn't understand it, couldn't understand why anyone would listen.

So it's come to this.

Hey you! Yeah, I mean you. Turn that fucking music down.


Powerful Pierre said...

But have you heard 'Romantic Rights' by Death from Above 1979? Great record. And they are playing the Freebutt on 31 Jan, apparently.

jonathan said...

No, I've not. Death From Above 1979? Presumably the DFA initials are just a co-incidence, or are they related to James Murphy's various DFA/LCD Soundsystem stuff?

Dirk said...

Completely unrelated comment.
This is Jack's website:
I'm not promoting him, I was just curious if he had a "reputation."
And not in a sinister way, I hope.

Dr. Sloan said...

If normal radio sickens you, spend an afternoon wallowing in internet radio. Obviously a broadband connection is (almost) essential. Depending on the luck of the draw, you will either realise that FM radio is a godsend compared to the internet, or your musical spirit will soar as new, ever dafter horizons open up.

Last time I tried this I was transported to Tokyo where a half-insensible DJ argued with a toy robot before playing hardcore metal, then to the wild prairies where I heard some of the nicest country music I'd heard in a long time, and never mind the fact it was all sung in some Eastern European language. Then I fell into some Christian rock hellhole that became mysteriously disconnected after two seconds. Almost as if the music was suddenly ashamed of itself.

Wonderful. Baffling, but wonderful.