Friday, November 26, 2004

assistant on the radio

Assistant are featured in the Demo Clash on Claire Kember's excellent Totally Wired radio show this coming Sunday on Juice 107.2 FM. Claire will be playing our recording of 'It's Alright' along with a track by another Brighton band.

Here's the current Demo Clash page on the Totally Wired website. If you can't tune in on Sunday you should be able to hear the songs on the same link from next Monday afternoon, and you will of course be able to vote for us, which is what I really want you to do, naturally.

I'll update again on the other side of the weekend. If we win the votes war we get played again the next week (which is, usefully for us, the day before our next gig). No idea who we're up against yet but... am childishly excited at the idea of Assistant on the radio.

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