Monday, November 08, 2004

caplin stands down

Interesting news from Hove, home of Labour MP Ivor Caplin. Always a target for the Tories at the next election, Hove must have just jumped up in their reckoning at the news that Ivor will not be standing at the next election - this looks a sure thing for the conservatives now, no? On the other hand, Caplin is so universally disliked in Hove that this might prove the filip needed to retain the Labour vote.


How Caplin voted.

(PS - yes, I have noticed that the Evening Argus displayed above is no longer the one with the nice big 'MP In Quit Shock' headline. It's changing daily. Thing is, I rather like that. So bookmark this post and come here daily to see what's on the cover of the er, Evening Argus).


Powerful Pierre said...

I once went to talk to Ivor at one of his surgeries with a friend of mine. He was pretty good, but he wrongly assumed (a) we were a couple, and (b) we were both students. Is Hove where the Greens think they have a chance of winning?

jonathan said...

Ali will be pleased. He really hates Ivor Caplin :-)

Nope, the Greens reckon they've got a chance of unseating David Lepper in the Pavillion ward. I dunno if that's really possible - Andrew was pretty scathing about their chances when I mentioned it to him a while back.

Hove is really Tory fodder; it's pretty remarkable that Labour won it the first place.

BB said...

Hello?? Is this confirmed? There's a General Committee meeting of Hove Labour Party this very evening, which I'm due to be at. Bit of a coincidence...

Well I've only met the guy once and he did come across as, in the parlance, a "street fighter", as opposed to an "intellectual" or a "coalition builder", but when I spoke to him he was fine, and seemed genuinely attentive to my questions (about nuclear disarmament!)

So who the hell's going to be the candidate? I guess I ought to know better than most, but let's just say I'm not confident. This won't help Labour at all in Hove, I promise you, but it won't be a pushover for the Tories.

Unless they pick me, that is :-)

jonathan said...

Yep, it's definitely confirmed. Apparently Sue John is the leading candidate and some fellow by the name of Simon Burgess has confirmed that he will run.

Caplin said "This is a major decision and this announcement is about being honest about the future. There are other opportunities and other challenges I would like to pursue. This is not about policy or politics and Tony Blair will continue to have my strong support."

According to the Argus there's a meeting today to discuss candidates - presumably the one you're going to :-)

The Andrew Regan for Hove campaign starts here!

Anonymous said...

but jonathan, you're supposedly anti-labour now. the question is whether you'd vote for andrew if he did stand!

jonathan said...

Good point. Much would depend on his willingness to push through my 'tax-breaks-for-rhythm-guitarists' initiative.

BB said...

Ah, Sue ... can't remember offhand but I must have met her at some point. That sounds like the right choice, and perhaps it will help Labour's chances after all.

BB said...

Oops - you should have grabbed a copy of the newspaper image!