Thursday, November 11, 2004

the sound of one man clapping

Looks like the Democrats and Hove CLP are not the only people who need to find someone to lead them into their next (respective) elections. Tommy Sheridan has resigned his leadership of the Scottish Socialist Party with immediate effect.

More information here.

A statement released by the SSP says,

"Whether it was on striking workers' picket lines or his championing of the abolition of the council tax, Tommy Sheridan brought to Scottish politics a unique voice that spoke up for those who had no voice in the elitist world of establishment politics"


BB said...

To give a left-of-Labour party the kind of profile and street-cred he has is quite an achievement. Bet their average age is a lot lower than the main parties too. Just compare that with the crusty English equivalents: it's hard to imagine anyone seriously getting behind a throwback like Arthur Scargill's Socialist Labour Party. Even Marxists don't like it.

jonathan said...

And for all the press which Gorgeous George garnered last year, where are Respect now?