Friday, November 19, 2004

minister 'arrested' by idiot

According to the BBC,

A Fathers 4 justice campaigner handcuffed himself to children's minister Margaret Hodge at a family law conference in Manchester [today]. Jolly Stanesby, who was handcuffed to the minister for 40 minutes, said he had made "a citizens arrest"

Matt O'Connor, of Fathers 4 justice, said Mrs Hodge had been chosen for the stunt because she was the "bogeywoman of family law, who doesn't even believe in equal parenting"

Meanwhile in the UK a quarter of mothers who apply for maintenance receive none at all, while another 20% get less than they are entitled to.

Rights for fathers? Do me a favour. How about responsibility for fathers first. Then it might be appropriate to talk about rights.

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Dr. Sloan said...

Haven't you heard the old saying? Being a bogeywoman of family law who doesn't even believe in equal parenting is nine tenths of the law.

Or, er, something.