Monday, November 01, 2004

cheney the chinese dragon

Ok, well, at least I'm not the only one getting a bit worked up this week. Am on my lunch break, and catching up with a few blogs here and it's salutory to note that just about everyone is as gripped with election fever as me. Honestly, though - I worry. Just about every blog I come across is doing nervous somersaults and praying for a Kerry victory tomorrow. If all else goes wrong, I look forward to the most malevelont days worth of furious entries on Wednesday / Thursday. The blogosphere will let out such a yell of collected frustration if Bush wins it. Christ. Picking out specifics, I'm worried about, say, Pete Ashton, who writes

"this time it all feels somewhat critical, so much so that writing about it seems pointless. Everyone with a brain knows this is make or break . Even if they can't articulate exactly why there a palpable sense that if Bush gets back in we're all, in some way, fucked"

Poor old Quin Parker, meanwhile, is haunted even in his sleep. His most recent blog entry needs to be seen to be believed, but I'll draw out one quote myself so you get the idea. Quin, suffice it to say, is having strange dreams...

"The dragon was unkillable, so the only thing I could do is turn the room into a giant 70's disco, where the dragon quickly got lost and had to leave because of the strobe lighting. As a direct result of my actions, John Kerry won the election and Dick Cheney the Chinese dragon had to go back up into the cloudy mountains."

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