Monday, November 15, 2004

oh for god's sake

this is getting ridiculous - listen up, musicians.... we need you. Stop dying, please. First ODB over the weekend (appalling news, I couldn't believe it) and now John Balance of Coil has succumbed to this disturbing new fashion. Apparently he fell from a 15ft first floor landing and died shortly afterwards. Awful. And I found out today that someone I have recently started working with, a young, fiercely inventive academic (and musician) has died too. The weather has only just changed and already this feels like a particularly bleak, chilling winter.

joe strummer john peel john balance ol' dirty bastard johnny ramone arthur kane rick james

I did just read that the Gang of Four have reformed, which is interesting. I still need to get hold of that last Wire album, which sounds pretty good.

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Anonymous said...

On Wire, I've got Pink Flag which I like (as much for the fact it gave Elastica all their good ideas as anything else) and on the basis of good reviews I got Read and Burn (which I think led to their last full album). But I couldn't see what excited reviewers, it seemed very shouty without the grace or tunes of their earlier work. Now, I like graceless shouty stuff as a rule, but without a tune it can be really ugly.