Friday, November 19, 2004

a bit too much drink

Saw Fuji Heavy again last night, and damned if they don't grow on me with each gig - at least two of their songs are veritable hits, and the rest are relentlessly entertaining. Funnily enough, all the guys seemed a little disappointed with how it went afterwards, which just adds to my theory that what a band calls a good gig is often not what the audience does; I like seeing a band a bit frustrated, it gives them a bit of edge. Andy's guitar playing last night was really great, all the more so because he seemed to be trying to throttle the instrument at the same time as play it.

Last time I wrote about Fuji I talked about which other bands they sounded like, because that's often what strikes you about a band you've only seen once or twice. Now I'm getting to know the songs, I've stopped thinking about that. Last night I thought they sounded like, oh, what do you call them? Ah yes. Fuji Heavy.

The other bands were awful - a Snow Patrol-Coldplay lite on after Fuji and then a nasty sub-Aerosmith metal band, complete with a leather-trousered singer intent on asking 'how you all doin'?' to a room rapidly retreating to the bar. 'Aaaoowww', he added, after a moment's thought. Most of the rest of the night was spent drinking, talking rubbish and watching Vic and Andy caterwauling nonsensical lyrics along with the faux-Aeros. Great stuff.

Hungover today, but greatly cheered to see that Andy, clearly feeling a bit better about the Fuji performance, had sent me a nice photo of a tree this morning. Thanks Andy - that'll come in useful.


Powerful Pierre said...

I couldn't open the tree photo. And what did he mean by "Give me 15 and I'll be doing yoga-latte for dogs"?! Damn that £1.65 a pint beer!

jonathan said...

Absolutely no idea what he's on about. But I like the cut of his jib.

quin said...

Crikey, how much more 'lite' can you get than Snow Patrol/Coldplay without slipping into an irreversible coma? Count yourself lucky that all your braincells haven't fallen asleep for 100 years, only to be woken up by Mark E. Smith in shining armour.