Monday, March 21, 2005

tory scum

Hmm, how impressed am I with Michael Howard's rationale in the face of claims that - subsequent to his latest attack on travellers - he is a repellent bigot?

"Some people claim it's racist to raise this issue", Howard stated, today, and then - as if the following tied the matter up - "It's not".

Well, that settles that. How's this for a rejoinder, though - I say it is. Is it your turn, then, Mike?

Meanwhile, according to the Guardian,

The shadow defence minister, Gerald Howarth, who reportedly joked about a friend who is "as black as the ace of spades", today denied his remarks were in any way racist, but said he was sorry if anyone had taken offence. Mr Howarth, MP for Aldershot, reportedly made the remark during a private dinner at the spring conference for the right-wing Freedom Association.
Lovable bunch, these tories.

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