Thursday, March 31, 2005

jon ronson on jonathan king

Jon Ronson does a radio interview...

Great stuff over on Jon's blog -

"So there I was, a paedophile apologist, for all of Northern Ireland to hear."

Oh dear.

Here's some more Jonathan King stuff; (not that I'm a JK fan or anything, I hasted to add...)
- Lyn Barber on an unlikely friendship
- His final interview in prison
- Jon Ronson's long article on Jonathan King from December 1, 2001.

I confess, I do find Jonathan King quite interesting, or at least, I'm interested in his refusal to accept responsibility, and by his complete blindness to how he is perceived by other people. Choosing to launch a pop single immediately on his release from prison was an extraordinary decision, and I want to know where he gets the confidence from to carry on the way he does.

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