Monday, March 07, 2005

stopped sharking to get chips and drinks

I normally approach my journey into work in one of two ways. Either I'm completely knackered and not yet woken up - in which case I adopt my always flattering loll-back-in-my-seat with head hanging off to one side and mouth open look, and wake forty minutes later in a moment of panic - or I'm feeling refreshed and awake enough to use my commuting time constructively, in which case I might do some reading, look at the paper, jot down some ideas for songs or posts for my blog, or listen to some of my latest legally-acquired music.

This morning, however, I did neither, as knowing I had a meeting at 9.30 meant that I was both too restless to sleep and too distracted to read. So instead I sat in a kind of blank state and half-heartedly eavesdropped the conversation going on behind me, in which a pair or teenage girls and a mostly silent boy discussed their latest romantic misadventures.

Well, there was nothing particularly funny, explicit or notable about their conversation, but it was funny dropping in and out of it and hearing key phrases every now and again.


Girl A - I think he's really gorgeous. He's got about twenty pairs of trainers! (Here she listed some fashionable models). And his house is well big.
Girl B - I don't think the money would bother me, to be honest.
Girl A - I just think he's gorgeous! He's got a terrible personality, though.


Girl A - Don't you think he's lovely though. He's got a lovely arse.
Girl B - I think he's a bit wimpy.
Girl A - Yeah, he is quite skinny.
Girl B - I really don't like skinny boys, they make me feel fat.

(until this moment, I thought I liked the sound of Girl B more, but I am thinner than thin, so I turned on her at this point).


Girl A - I missed a pill on Saturday, though. I had to have it in the evening which is a bit dodgy.
Girl B - What did Ben say?
Girl A - I just said, you're going to have to wear one and that's the end of it.
Girl B - Two kinds of protection is better than one, anyway. Did he, then?


Girl A - Do you think I look like my nephew?
Girl B - yeah, same nose, same around the mouth.
Girl A - he's getting into trouble at school. I might have to go down there and stop them beating him up.
Boy A - He'll just get it worse if you go down there. How old is he anyway.
Girl A - Year 11.
Boy A - You'll just chat up the boys, anyway.
Girl A - No I won't. Well, I will if they're fit.


BB said...

I'm sure you've seen this, but here's that Tube gossip page - it's great.

Carl said...

That's a good site! I've got a suspicion that Jonathan edited out the more prurient details from the conversation which he quoted, though.

jonathan said...

That's true! There was much talk which I decided to leave out because it embarrassed me and - frankly - left me bemused.

Dr. Sloan said...

I ignore people on the bus normally because unless they're talking about monkeys or something cool I really don't care. But I did once overhear something fantasically useful - according to one old woman, dogs' heads are much heavier than you expect.

Well...I can't overstate how useful this information has been to me.

jon said...

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