Wednesday, March 30, 2005

are you thinking what I'm thinking?

"History can be rewritten, but it cannot be undone. Changing or deleting words is possible on the Web, but possibility does not always make good policy"

The author of Conservative Home doesn't seem to understand that blogging is a dialogue, and, as Rebecca Blood, author of the above quote, puts it, "Changing or deleting entries destroys the integrity of the network". Yesterday the tory blog launched with about ten to twelve interesting and revealing posts, most of which attracted considerable comment and plenty of people took the trouble to link to individual pages. This morning the archive has been extensively edited, leaving only two posts visible on the front page.

Perhaps the authors of the site are embarrased that much of the comment has been negative. Perhaps they had not expected criticism. Perhaps they've had the hard word from Michael Howard (good lord, perhaps he's trying to get them de-selected as we speak).

All the same, it's a great shame to see someone using the blog format, getting a lot of praise for doing so, and then distorting the medium.

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Stephen Newton said...

Having taken the time to post a comment myself (I even thought about it), I too was a little peeved. It's all part of IDS's attempt to take ove the blogosphere, as trailed in the Guardain, apparetntly.