Thursday, March 24, 2005

meet the president

Ok, now this one is just so desperately unlikely....

But you never know.

Bill Clinton's blog.

"It’s a strange thing, being a politician. When I was running for office journalists asked me what my favorite song was. I couldn’t tell them the truth. My favorite song is “Be my Baby” by the Ronettes. Obviously I couldn’t say that, because it’s too romantic. So I decided to say it was “Don’t stop thinking about Tomorrow” by Fleetwood Mac.

It was the right thing to do at the time. You’re a politician, you’re telling voters you are going to change politics as they know it, so what better theme song than “Don’t stop thinking about Tomorrow”? It was perfect for the campaign.

I do like Fleetwood Mac. Most baby boomers do. If I’m right their album “Rumors” is still the best selling album in the United States. Their best song though, is, you will agree and you will know I’m being honest with you, their best song is “Tell me Lies”. Am I right or not? I couldn’t use “Tell me Lies” as my theme song during my presidential campaign."


Ben said...

Another great spoof blog you've unearthed there! Loved the Alistair Campbell one - actually posted about it on SWSL but somehow the post got lost in the ether. How have you come across them?

RAB said...

Ricky Vandal, a Freeper from the Netherlands with more than 100 blogs to his name including the Bill Clinton Daily Diary.