Thursday, March 31, 2005

tory blogging and bad radio show titles

Some further thoughts on Conservative Home, this time expressed by Labour MP, Tom Watson, who says:

"[Iain Duncan Smith] wants to build a vanguard of right wing bloggers in the UK and looks to the US for inspiration. I'm not so sure it will work. For one, we may moan about our press but there is every strand of political thought on offer in the UK - from the Morning Star to the Daily Mail. Secondly, our newspapers have the best writers. Only a few bloggers can match their style and prose. Those bloggers that can, cross the divide and end up in print - Oliver Kamm, for example. Thirdly, rusty though they may be in some areas, political parties are generally broad churches (even in Arundel I suspect!)."

Tom has just been interviewed for Radio 4's 'Analysis' programme, along with IDS and Will Davies, and the resultant programme goes out tonight at 8.30pm. Entitled (ahem) 'Going to the Blogs', it 'explores the world of Blogs and analyses whether they could really change our democracy', according to the Analysis website.

I hope someone thought to mention Andrew's sterling endeavours on behalf of Labour bloggers.


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