Wednesday, March 09, 2005

nice green cover

Our new songs are primed and sitting on a server somewhere waiting to be activated. You should definitely be able to give them a listen by the end of the week. In the meantime, if you would like a copy on CD, please email me. There'll be plenty to pick up at the gig next Monday, but you'll have to pay a quid for those. I know, I know, capitalism gets us all in the end.


Anonymous said...

That's really pretty. So you guys have some kind of back-to-nature vibe happening then?

jonathan said...

I dunno about back to nature, but the first demo cover I did was an odd, messy diagram showing permafrost in an Alaskan village, which I thought I worked well.

I was gonna do the new one using a scene from Tavulu but I thought it might look like I was using a scene from the tsunami so decided against it, and just used something from a climate change website this time round; not because it's especially relavent, just because of the continuity, really. And, er, it's a nice colour.

To be honest I was thinking more about a home-made, Pavement kinda look than I was about what the image represented.

elsbth. said...

it's cool, man.