Thursday, March 31, 2005

false promises

Quite a revealing interview with John Redwood in the FT today, which the Guardian Newsblog talks up as containing a gaffe, although Redwood's comments regarding the possibility of withdrawal from the EU were a bit too considered to be in the same 'giving the game away' league as Howard Flight's comments. Nevertheless, they mask something which we all know - the tories can not be trusted to keep Howard's promise not to withdraw from the EU should they win the forthcoming election.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago that the prospect of an election campaign filled me with doom. Well, as you can probably tell from recent posts, that isn't quite true. I'm enjoying it so far. It's revealing how deep loyalties run, though. Any thought that my tribal loathing of the Tories might have dissipated given how much I fuckin' hate this government has been dispelled - I truly love watching them flounder. Ah well. I certainly won't be cheering when Labour are returned to power, but I might allow myself a smile if the Tory recovery is as slight as I'm beginning to think it might be.

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