Tuesday, March 22, 2005

image steal number two

A great photo from the Assistant gig the other night, lifted from Sandra's great Attic Glimpse blog; I didn't provide a review of the gig here, but it went well - although you might want to tell that to anyone present who heard my voice combust mid-way through 'What It Means'. Ouch.

Normal me, sings: "Do you ha-ve any sympathy for me?"
Monday's me: "Do you ha-agghhhhv any sympathy for meeeeuuuuurrrghh-ugh-crrr-cckkk?"

Ok, shut up, here's the photo:

photo by Sandra of Attic Glimpse.

1 comment:

s said...

Ace! I enjoyed the gig, Jonathan - didn't notice the crrr-cckkk!