Monday, October 04, 2004

twenty seven

It was my birthday on Sunday, and we went out on Saturday night.

Things I remember:
- having a jolly time in the pub, complete with lots of alcohol and a very pleasing turnout of friends.
- playing domino rally with jenga pieces (enormous fun)
- not winning at Jenga (huh).
- getting back to our place and dragging our entire alcohol collection into the centre of the living room floor.

Things I half-remember:
- mixing drinks with a ratio of 1/2 tequila, 1/4 vodka, 1/8 orange juice and 1/8 ribena (for that authentic sunrise look)
- an odd moment, suspended in mid air, when I was clearly in the midst of a fall. Nothing else is remembered, but I have a big bruise to prove it happened.
- glimpses of myself, Vic, Andy, Pete and Andrew dancing like loons to Curtis Mayfield in the exciting nightclub surroundings of... our flat.
- lots of things getting knocked over.
- lying on the pavement outside our front door.

Things I don't remember at all:
- people leaving.
- going to bed.


Powerful Pierre said...

For the record, I was NOT dancing like a loon but I can certainly vouch for the fact that loon dancing was happening around me.

BB said...

I have vague memories of some kind of dancing but I thought it must have been a dream. Oh dear :-(

I can confirm that we were both laid out on the pavement, counting the constellations (or so I like to believe), and being shouted at by somebody (with me replying in kind). Groan...

I vaguely remember leaving, but that was it until I woke up. Must have taken that mysterious vehicle sometimes known as the Grolsch Granada or the Sambuca Sierra, if you like.

Oh I have a bruise too, but it's on my arm so I guess I can't have fallen over.

Hope your carpet's ok :-)

Glad you enjoyed it anyway.

Laban said...

"Move On Up" or "People get Ready" ?

BB said...

Oh, another right wing blogger. I see Tony Martin, Campaign for Real Education...

Sorry, I can't remember the song.

jonathan said...

Hi Laban,

I think we must have given Move on Up an airing, but the only one which I can definitively remember is the rather Littlejohnesque (Don't Worry) If There's Hell Below We're All Gonna Go, which is appropriate given Andrew's warm greeting - he's hard-wired to bite the ankles of right wing bloggers, as you can see... :-)

BB said...

Ah, I'm sorry. I have a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later (but enough about Tony Martin). Probably a result of working in an office below ground level - I'm beginning to regress.
If anyone wants to continue this discussion, let's take it over to my own blog rather than tarnish the sunny bonhomie of Jonathan's pages!

Laban said...

No problem. Be a dull world if we all agreed ... I'm just grateful we can without either one worrying about the knock on the door ... just yet.