Saturday, October 23, 2004

a problem without any clues

Although The Cure, on Jools Holland right now, sound surprisingly good live still, even when playing new tracks, youth is winning out without too many difficulties. The Futureheads just played an incendiary take of 'Decent Days and Nights', like three tracks wrapped up in a two minute package, and quite brilliant. Poor old Embrace followed shortly afterwards and just sounded so slow and so nothing as a consequence. And there's something so cool about three twitchy, awkward men standing in a straight line playing guitars, I have to admit it; as eager to appear unrockist as I am, that's still punk rock, even post Dizzee.

And they just played 'Meantime'. Even better. "And you thought that I was joking / When I said you were a moron". And that knock-kneed dance, dare I imitate it?

The Cure just finished with 'Boys Don't Cry'; not a bad rendition - they played it a bit slow, but you can't really fuck up a song that good...

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