Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Assistant: heads up

Assistant are pleased to announce our long awaited resumption of live duties. We'll be headlining the Cable Club on Monday 6th December, with support from Cremaster and another as yet unnamed act. We're still getting ourselves sorted out for the gig but we'll try to get new songs into the set and juggle things about a bit. As ever, we'd appreciate your support and will get you a free CD and stuff like that if you attend. I might look into badges or something like that, too, if I get the time. The 6th is also the birthday of Assistant Pete, so the night will be doubling up as a kind of gig/celebration combo - all the more reason to come along and say hello. Oh, and we're ace. The Cable Club, for those who don't know, is held at the Pressure Point on Richmond Place, Brighton and is usually about £3 or so to get in, I believe. More info and flyers to follow.

Download songs by Assistant here,
and go here to join our lovely, non-intrusive mailing list (and get a demo CD sent to you).

UPDATE: 22/11/04: Just a bit more info on that. The supports are Cremaster and Justin's Education. It's £3 to get in, and doors open at 8.30. And Assistant, ladies and gentlemen, are onstage at 10.15. There's a flyer to look at here, and downloadable versions on their way...

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