Wednesday, October 13, 2004

the BB rock and roll education project

OK, with both Andrews having picked up the baton of the albums list (here and here), I'm moved by Andrew BB's declaration that he'd only heard one album from the list; now, not to suggest that he does not know his music, but there is a definite lack of good old-fashioned honest rock and roll in there; one can't survive on warp records, Tangerine Dream and the Flirts alone! So the appeal runs thus; Andrew needs CD-Rs packed with classic albums to help balance out his i-pod. And if we provide them, he might feel guilty enough to listen to them, even if they do consist of insipid indie-boys wailing / hoary rock gods bellowing / earnest Americans protesting (delete as applicable). So stop off at his blog and tell him you want to take part in the BB rock and roll education project immediately. Before you know it he will be crossing off albums on those '100 greatest records' lists with confident and knowing aplomb. Which reminds me that I did one of those myself a couple of months ago when everyone was going on about that Observer 100 greatest British albums. I must dig it out and post it.


BB said...

I'm really getting into this new group, "Johnny Hates Jazz". They do a kind of "pure, synth pop", and you can get many of their records for little or no money at all (probably due to a Government subsidy). It seems they're even better than "Curiosity" (the new name for "Curiosity Killed the Cat"). Perhaps BB finally has the inspiration it needs!

(No that was a cry for help...)

jonathan said...

Okay, I think we need to get Andrew some albums quite desperately :-) I'll burn some stuff this weekend.

Incidentally, when I was about ten I took a photograph of Johnny Hates Jazz's Clark Datchler with me when I went to get my hair cut. Oh, the shame!