Friday, October 08, 2004

Ban the buggies

The Argus Letters Letter: Ban the buggies

Just scanning the new-look online version of Brighton's own Evening Argus. I like this supremely grumpy letter.

"I am very pleased to hear Brighton and Hove Bus and Coach Company is restricting the number of child buggies on buses. We are all fed up with the way these mothers seem to think the buses are for their sole benefit. They cause a lot of problems when the bus is full. One woman with a twin buggy was taking up four seats while elderly people had to stand all the way. Do they think frail old people should be left standing out in the cold when the bus is full? Young mothers should be able to withstand the cold and the babies are well tucked up in their buggies. It is time that the young realised the world does not revolve around them. When we were young, buggies were not even allowed on buses."

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Anonymous said...

I would go even further and INSIST that every buggie should be paid for when it is on a bus (unless it can be folded completely).
Today the buggies are so large they have to be turned sideways to avoid blocking the aisle. So a Parent and Child and a buggie can take up Three or Four seats all for the one fare. I wonder what people would say if I lay down on the back seat abd took up 4 seats in a similar way?
In addition the drivers are afraid of arguments with "Buggy Bandits" we all know that buses are only allowed to have three buggies on board "In theory". If you ever look at the writing on the inside of the bus it states how many passengers it can hand on the upper and lower decks and how many can stand. Also it states how many can be seated if their is a wheelchair on board...Nowhere are buggies mentioned.
I have seen many cases when people have been requested to stand so that a buggy will fit in. This is against the rules ask any driver or the bus station.
Today also many people use buggies are used for shopping trolleys and nothing more.
Remember prams have never been allowed on buses and the modern buggie is the size of a pram