Thursday, October 07, 2004


Nnng, have just poured myself out of bed, determined that I shouldn't stay in it all day lest I can't sleep again tonight, but am currently alternating my coughing and my sneezing and arranging them in a sprightly, modern jazz fashion - which is to say they're idosyncratic, unexpectedly varied and an aquired taste. I have a cold.

As of yesterday, Victoria and I have a new neighbour, or possibly neighbours, as the flat which has sat dormant and empty downstairs is now a fairground being built - boxes and bags, chairs and lights stacked up inside as the new arrival decides what goes where. Vic and I, noise-conscious to the letter, spend our time crouching by the door listening for sounds. None so far. I am aware of course that I should do the friendly thing and drop around and say hello, but I figure it can wait until they've settled in a little and I can narrow down the prospects of my having a sneezing fit in their doorway.

Well, no sounds today, of course, as whoever it is must be at work, so the only sound from this house is the endless drone of daytime TV, which I have spent much of the day summoning up the energy to turn off. Now I should think about getting out to get a paper, I guess... hmm. Vic? You reading this? Buy me a paper? :-)

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