Monday, October 04, 2004

disparc records

An interesting article in The Times (via No Rock and Roll Fun) carries information of an intriguing new record label. It says:

"The label, discparc, is believed to be the first launched by a British university. Modelled on Factory Records, the label launched by Tony Wilson amid the flourishing 1980s Manchester music scene, it hopes to tap into the success of Scottish bands such as Franz Ferdinand and Snow Patrol".

It's been launched by the Dundee University's Exhibitions Department. However, whereas The Times talks the label up as potential finders of the next big thing, their site suggests a slightly more esoteric approach, leading with the catchy slogan 'Total sonic universe and soundscapes, un-compromised, non-commercial', which is exactly the kind of ethos I'd be looking for if I wanted to be the next Franz Ferdinand. Hmm. They go on:

"discparc has been created to disseminate original recordings by dedicated audio artists at any stage of their career. Presenting releases of schizophonic art, Electro-acoustic, Noise, Experimental Music and Sound Art on all audio distribution forms including vinyl, CD, cassette and on-line, discparc will release two projects a year."

Well, whether neo-Factory monster-in-the-making or arts-based faff, I think it's all a tremendously good idea. But if they want to shake off the stuffy university tag they might wanna think about whether releasing records in cassette form is not, perhaps, an idea that has had it's day.

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