Wednesday, October 20, 2004

LFO vs !!!

Warpmart are selling Mark Bell remixes of !!!

I would have liked to have finished that statement with an exclamation mark, but people would have said "oh, look at jonathan, he doesn't even know how many !s to put in !!!".

(!!! is pronounced Chk, Chk, Chk, btw - and they're a really great band)

"Buy me", I can imagine it saying

*jonathan lunges at his computer screen, determined to somehow wrest said record from the screen and clutch it to his frame*


BB said...

That does sound like a good record! I clicked the link expecting to find out more and found my own OMM record cover, or I would have, as you missed out the ".jpg" on the end. D'oh!

BB said...

Did you catch that Nightmares documentary on BBC2 last night? Well it was great, and Eno's "In Dark Trees" got a lot of airplay too...

jonathan said...

Assistant were rehearsing last night so, annoyingly, we had to miss it, although I got back in time to find a rapt Vic watching, and saw the last ten minutes. It looked excellent. Would have liked to have seen more - unfortunately it doesn't seem to be repeated.

As for the link; ah, actually that's my fault for having too many things on my clipboard - was meant to be a link to Warpmart (fixed now). Having provided an incorrect, broken link to you in the wrong place, it would be churlish of me not to say at this point that Andrew's BB CDs are not only ace, they're beautifully designed, nicely put together and cheap too... so go and buy one.

Anonymous said...

Just been listening to that LFO song. I agree that its good, but it doesn't get brilliant right up until the last minute. Shame it wasnt all like that.


jonathan said...

Yeah, I agree actually. Around about the four minute mark it does really kick in.