Tuesday, October 26, 2004

john peel

I can't think of anyone in music, whether in a band, a writer or a broadcaster, whom I like more than I like John Peel; when I was a teenager, taping his shows, he pretty much decided what I liked for me. No voice is more familiar nor welcome, and very few men come close to being as likeable. I used to dream of that summer job he offered up every year, when he'd pick a student to go and live at Peel Acres and catalogue his record collection for him. I grew up and along the way his children grew up, and I heard all about them. He died today, while on holiday with Sheila in Peru, and I'm genuinely shaken. Thanks for always being there, John.

Undertones: Teenage Kicks (right click to download)


BB said...

Just come back from lunch and seen the news - that's terrible! Thought you'd have had been among the first to offer a tribute. At the very least, the number of Peel Sessions in my collection is a testament to the great music and great bands he's picked out and nurtured over the years.

Are there any other DJs we really give two hoots about?

Anonymous said...

RIP John, you'll be sorely missed.

Anonymous said...

too right. cheers john. eve

Dawni said...

ahh.....Sad day for british broadcasting. He had vision and faith" Sorely missed!!

Anonymous said...

This is about the tenth blog I've been to this afternoon and everyone seems to care about this. The great man couldn't help but be moved at the depth of everyone's affection for him. RIP.