Monday, September 20, 2004

Unpleasant questions and no answers required

"Is the world today safer than before the overthrow of the appalling Saddam? Is global terrorism in retreat? Are we closer to building bridges between Islam and the west? Is the world's only super-power more widely respected? Have the citizens in our democracies been treated in a way that will encourage them to give governments the benefit of the doubt next time they are told that force needs to be used pre-emptively to deal with an imminent threat? I simply pose the questions. The answers are well known".

Chris Patten, European Parliamen, Sept. 15.

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BB said...

We keep saying it, but do the Americans listen? Eventually they'll have to see the consequences of their actions.

It might be a very minor thing but the perceived vanity, arrogance, and lack of 'team spirit' of the US Ryder Cup golf team are among the reasons given for the humiliation they received at the hands of Europe on Sunday evening.