Thursday, September 02, 2004

fix up look sharp

A funny, wiry little chap from Comet came round to fix the oven today; once again I was astounded by some peoples’ incredible ease with inanimate objects; of course he is trained to know how to fix cookers, and it would be a pretty sorry affair if he didn’t know how to bang in a few screws, but all the same he set about the appliance with incredible speed and dexterity, like watching a brilliant guitarist who seems to bend the guitar into whatever shape suits. I was minded to ask him to take a look at our wobbly bed, put up some shelves and fix the banisters. He was extremely charming, too. I rarely get the chance to do something practically useful for someone at work (well, except raise a cheque), and it was heartening to see someone actually seem to enjoy doing so. When he was finished he said ‘There. Get some lovely dinners out of that’! He’s probably fixed ten other kitchen appliances by now. And right now I can smell food cooking in our kitchen, and he can take the credit.

In the meantime, I can work at home today; but I keep forgetting, my mind swinging about from work to holiday, work to holiday. I thought working from home would be great, actually, but it’s rubbish; I want someone to talk to.

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