Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Tony Wilson Says

Writing in the Sunday Herald, Tony Wilson (Factory head-honcho and all round good bloke / tosser - delete as applicable) thinks the Libertines are crap, too. But he does have some interesting things to say about drugs in music, although - for the record - his brand of drug mythologising is every bit as dull for me as the NME's. Nonetheless, this is a man who managed the Happy Mondays, goddammit, so he knows his stuff. "Drugs and music", he says, (wrongly)

"are deeply interesting: Sergeant Pepper was not made on acid, it was made on speedballs; heroin, meeting soul music at the centre of Sly Stone’s cranium, created funk and modern dance music, and on and on.

But The Libertines. Try the album and not the press; if you get it, good luck. If, like me, you don’t, then run to the new sounds of British black youth finding an authentic, non-American voice in the wonderful world of post-grime."

Ah, there we agree. Read the rest of his article here....

Tony Wilson: The Libertines Crack Up - [Sunday Herald]

And take his advice... Dizzee is on tour in October.

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