Saturday, September 04, 2004

affiliate network

Tim's Rambler Blog has an interesting post about the iTunes Affiliate Program, and it's encouraging of a kind of legal MP3 blog network.

"This looks in part like a bid to encourage legit MP3 blogs. Link to an iTunes song, write a bit about it - ask your readers to pay 79 pence/99 cents - make a bit of money. Hmm. That seems to run far too contrary to the MP3 blog ethos in every way possible to really work."

Tim's post, like the recent posts on iTunes by Andrew, make me wonder why I've not yet gone and explored the iTunes website. I must do so. Especially as they seem to differ on what is available. Andrew criticises its rivals for lacking product, and yet Tim says:

In my and milady's experience, it's sort of useful for catching up on back catalogue items - like HMV Christmas sales are - but nine times out of ten what you actually want isn't listed, and you end up leaving, or spending your money on something way down your wanted list (again, like HMV Christmas sales)"

That said, that's exactly what I want online music stores to offer. I can find out about new music elsewhere; it's tracking down those old PiL or New Order albums I've never bought that I'd do online (exactly, as Tim says, as I would in an HMV sale). All the same, none of this actually inspires me to go and investigate further. Perhaps I should. Tim, Andrew, which of you is right?


BB said...

I've added a new post about this, BTW :-)

Up to anything Sunday?

Tim Rutherford-Johnson said...

Well, for example milady's tried - and failed - to get 'Love will tear us Apart', 'Manic Monday', 'Losing my Religion'. So not that unusual (actually, not sure why we don't already have these on CD). On the other hand, they are relatively good on other things (lots of Cure got added recently, eg). The thing is, until you can count your tracks in terms of 100,000s you just aren't competing with the high street - the new Virgin Store in Oxford Street boasts 250,000 songs on the shelves for example.