Monday, September 20, 2004


Suffering from the summer and delusional, I wrote a rather wistful post about The Stone Roses a month or so ago, prompted by the fact that Ian Brown played a load of old Roses songs live with a tribute band playing back up. Remembering how good Fools Gold was I promised I'd seek out the first album and give it another play. Well, ugh. I wish I hadn't. What a load of meek, jangly, weak retro fair. So I guess I should exercise some degree of caution when I say that I got a little tingle of intrigue when I saw these photos; which clearly show Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler back in the studio together again, and wondered whether it's worth me digging out the first few Suede singles and Dog Man Star again. Well, I might do. Nevetherless, I'm interested to hear how their new stuff works out...

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