Monday, September 20, 2004

heading the winner

Recovering dreams is really difficult, and I wish I could do it more often. I know that lots of people seem to read lots into them, but I don't think Andrew BB does, although he does end his latest post, 'Funny Dream' with the rhetorical question, 'what does it mean?'. If he agrees with me then he probably reckons that dreams are kind of the product of unsifted, un-moderated drifts of thought hung over from the day. And where in our conscious state we are able to pick between the threads of possibilities to ensure that our thoughts are relatively sensible and follow a logical scheme, while we asleep we pursue trains of thought freely, no matter how odd they may seem. (In other words, while I wile away my train journey thinking about Tottenham's performance against Chelsea yesterday, my childhood dream of myself in the beloved lily-white kit rarely occurs. In a dream, I am invariably off the bench and heading the winner.) Elsewhere, I am transformed into one of the cast of Eastenders. I can't follow it either.

That said, Andrew's dream, as recounted on his blog, is surely to be treasured. Strange Hartnoll brother / Adam Ant hybrids? Newly invented musical instruments? Rummaging miscreants? It's all there.

"When looking out onto Vic's balcony I discovered a plump young man wearing a red and white horizontally striped jumper, smoking nonchalantly. When I looked again, he was gone."

Andrew has, thus far, avoided putting any voices on his music. It seems to me, however, that the scene he sketches here is dying for poetic translation, and should he wish to set his sights high, I think there's a song in this :-)

Elsewhere, Victoria draws my attention to the range of Jesus Inspirational Sport Statues offered here. For once, I am speechless.

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