Wednesday, September 01, 2004


And you people got excited about a Pixies reunion! Just read this:


"We were playing faster and more strummy' he told PlayLouder, 'so I just thought, 'I may as well reform the Wedding Present''

Which is exactly what David Gedge has just done. Reminds me of an evening in the Walmer Castle with a very drunk Andy a year or so ago. We were sitting have a quiet drink when Andy began asking a chap behind us, in an increasingly persistent manner, "Excuse me mate. Are you David Gedge? You are, aren't you! You are!". Needless to say, the chap looked nothing like my indie-rock hereo circa 1989. Nor did he share his wonderful accent. In fact, in retrospect I believe it was a moment of pure randomness from Andy, but it was - as you can imagine - much appreciated.

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