Monday, September 06, 2004

downloading our tracks

OK, need a bit of feedback now... Has anyone out there tried to download any Assistant tracks from either this blog, the downloads page of the Assistant site, or our page at Vitaminic? I get statistics of how many tracks have been downloaded, etc, and every day I find that around 75% of the downloads are listed as 'incomplete'; in other words people started downloading and didn't finish. Is this because there's some glitch with the site? I know that for some people on Macs a bit of tampering is necessary (basically you need to change the filename so that it ends in .mp3) but it should work OK for others. Am guessing that the most likely reason is that people are still on dial-up and get sick of waiting. Still, if you've downloaded and encountered any problems, could you let me know? May have to move the MP3s elsewhere if there are problems with the hosting.

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jonathan said...

Ah. Thought of another explanation. A single click on the filename of each mp3 should kickstart your windows media player (or equivalent) and play the track without downloading it to your computer. Which is probably what's happening. Still, let me know if you do have any problems.

Here's one to try out if you can be bothered:
Assistant - What It Means.