Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Jesus, at least 157 people have been killed in bomb blasts in Baghdad today. 157.

John Bolton, the neo-conservative who was formally the US's ambassador to the UN, was asked in an interview on Monday, "what right" did America have to impose its value system by force on foreign states.

He replied, "Try to stop us".

They are trying to stop you. Meanwhile, innocent people are dying, you fucking animal.


Anonymous said...

So are you saying that the US is entirely responsible for those 157 dead?

jonathan said...

No, not at all - I'm not saying that the US is responsible, nor that John Bolton is responsible. I'm certainly not saying that the bombs in Baghdad are understandable, or forgivable, or done for the right reasons.

But I am saying that that scumbag Bolton is a glib, callous, vicious, arrogant prick with no respect for human life.

In case that bit wasn't clear :-)