Friday, April 06, 2007

currently playing:

1. The Good, The Bad and The Queen - Doghouse (amazing funky afro-beat romp they left off the album - shame).
2. Stephen Malkmus - Real Emotional Trash ("It's that kind of night / Everybody blushes but no-one blinks to check the scenery".)
3. V/A - 'Choubi, Choubi; Folk and Pop Sounds of Iraq' LP (demented, vital music from age of Sadamm Hussein).
4. The Mountain Goats - Love Love Love ("Some things you'll do for money, and some you'll do for fun / but the things you do for love are gonna come back to you one by one")
5. The Horrors - Draw Japan (which sounds like a cross between British Sea Power, Birthday Party and the inside of Noel Fielding's head)
6. Field Music - She Can Do What We Wants ("I should have put my fist through the lock and said / Now leave me, it's easy")
7. Dinosaur Jr. - Almost Ready ("Come on, night / I'm almost ready")
8. Deerhunter - Octet (I believe I am legally obliged to call this 'sonic adventurism' - it's nice)
9. Bill Callahan - Diamond Dancer ("She was dancing so hard / she danced herself into a diamond")
10. Panda Bear - 'Person Pitch' LP (taking me a while to get into this but I'm really getting it now)

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