Friday, April 13, 2007

kick me

I'd not heard of the Johari Window before, but Mike has flagged it up over on his Troubled Diva site and, as ever, I'm riding on my fellow bloggers' coat-tails.

It's a nice idea. The principle is that you pick five or six words to describe yourself and then ask others to do the same - you build up a map of how you see yourself, compared to how others see you. It'll tell you what you believe to be true but no-one else can spot, and what others can see which you can't. Cool. I've started one up - please feel free to have a go whether you know me in real-life or not, and be as honest as you like, I'm not bothered. Picking five or six words to describe yourself is actually quite hard to do, as you tend to click the words you want to be true before assessing whether or not they really are. Happily, the choice doesn't contain too many perjorative terms, otherwise I'm sure you'd all be clicking 'smart-arse', 'wimp' and 'ego-maniac'.

Click here to have a go - it only takes a moment.


Ali P said...

You have been Joharied by Ali. Only problem was that the word 'lovely' didn't appear. Not overly suprised to see that Dave and I thought much the same. x

jonathan said...

no 'handsome' either, alas :-)

Thanks chums - you're both lovely, too!