Monday, April 23, 2007

print, copy, send

Ugh, I'm having a frantic day, rushing from office to office and printer to printer getting things prepared for various impending meetings; it's got so I've almost turned off the part of my mind that notices things other than that which I'm concentrating on. I'm writing this, now, because I've just got to the point where I'm getting on top of things and can afford a moment's peace - looking down as I type I spot a cut on the back of my hand which I must have picked up dashing from pillar to post. And suddenly I feel a bit weightless and spacy, as if I might float away in the absence of the focus I achieved a moment or two ago. Then slow down once more - work based stress is either exhilerating or crushing, but I can't work out which. Actually, I'm exaggerating completely - but it's just nice to be back to using words, rather than print commands.


Anonymous said...

Chill Shippers....have a pint, pronto!

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