Monday, April 30, 2007

american beer

The first pint of beer I had in San Jose was a glass of San Francisco-brewed Anchor Steam Beer, which is a highly unusual, spicy lager/pale ale combo of real richness and taste. It's slightly less fizzy than a European lager, and a deep orange, coppery colour with a flat, creamy head. It's very malty and spicy, containing a strong hint of burnt caramel and biscuits, and has a strong, bitter aftertaste. Very crisp and extremely nice - my first job back in England is to hunt this down.

It perhaps helped that myself and Sam sat drinking it in the Californian sunshine.

Next up was a pint of Samuel Adams Boston Lager, which was similar in feel but lighter and less bitter, perhaps slightly more carbonated but retaining the rich hoppiness of the Anchor Steam. Rather sweeter and milder, and easier to drink, but much less individual.

Finally, last night I had a Sierra Nevada with my meal, but couldn't really place it or differentiate it from the drinks I had before - but will come back to it if I have another glass.

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Dustin said...

For the record, mate, I forced an Anchor Steam upon you at Andrew's bithday dinner last summer. And Anchor makes one of the last steam beers in America, using lager yeasts and bottom fermentation, but at ale temperatures. Thus the lager/ale combo, as you put it.

Enjoy. Another one to try: Red Hook. They make a half dozen or so brews. I like the ESB especially. Cheers!

Oh, and be sure to eat lots of Califoria style Mexican food!

jonathan said...

Hey Dustin,

I was wondering if that was an Anchor Steam, actually, but couldn't remember - good work on your part, in that case - pity it took me so long to appreciate it!

Food is amazing so far, and the portions are enormous - not sure I can keep going at this pace!

catch up soon!

Bloggers4Labour said...

Hi J,

I should have lent you my 365-days beer calendar, seeing as most of them are from the US. So many of them sound interesting.

Enjoy the food and drink - am suitably jealous (he says, knocking back the Courvoisier) :-)

Dave said...

It all tastes exactly like Kronenbourg.

(blue touch paper lit... standing well back)