Tuesday, April 03, 2007

squirrels on mars

God, I love 'Life on Mars'. Gene Hunt is, this week, a suspect in a murder case and on the run, so he can't very well barge around the office like he normally does. But he needs 'the scent of CID' so Sam finds a way to disguise him. And in keeping with the show's marvellously surreal underbelly, he contrives to find him a massive squirrel costume. Now, I've said before that Philip Glenister's Gene Hunt is the best character on TV, but even I didn't credit Glenister as able to make a giant cartoon squirrel look bolshy. And yet with one step forward and a puff of the chest, there's a marvellous moment, less than a second, in tonight's show when Glenister's squirrel looks like the most likely aggressor on national television. Marvellous.

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