Thursday, April 12, 2007

stop him

By now I'm sure that everyone has heard, and torn their hair out/had a good laugh (delete as applicable) at Mark Ronson's lame cover version of 'Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before' - the general state of bemusement has got to such a level that Ronson has been forced to issue a defensive statement suggesting that both Morrissey and Johnny Marr approve of his version. Hmm.

Well, I liked Simon's speculation over at No Rock and Roll Fun as to just how that endorsement got back to Ronson... very funny. Apparently Morrissey's manager played him the song down the phone. Then what?

Morrissey: "It's alright, but who the hell is that singing?"
Mozzer's manager: "He likes it, but wants to know who it is doing the vocals"
Ronson's manager: "He thinks it's great - and is keen to find out who the person singing the words is"
Ronson: "Morrissey approves of my version, and thinks the vocals are so brilliant he wants to know who it is who did them"
Ha ha.


Stephen Newton said...

Strangely, I quite like it.

jonathan said...

It's done tunefully enough, but you can't help thinking that the singer simply has no idea what the words he's singing mean. You can't do an irony-free Morrissey, as Alexis Petridis points out in the Guardian today.