Thursday, April 26, 2007

the church of ant

Although I'm just about the only person who hasn't yet been to visit, my friends are all feeling green-fingered and organic at the moment, having helped Ant sort out his new allotment in recent weeks. Having started as just a patch of scrubby grass, it's fast becoming a veritable garden of Eden, only in Portslade.

The latest addition, as the photograph below shows, is a shed, although it has been swiftly converted, no doubt to Ant's fellow allotment-keepers' alarm, into a church. Ant is below, warding off evil.The church needs some work, obviously - we were discussing stained glass windows in the pub last night, and Ant needs to appoint people to their various positions. I was hankering after the job of second organist, so was surprised when Ant offered me an Arch-Deaconship. Although I will almost certainly take it, I am officially weighing up other offers, just in case he improves the offer and lets me do the flower-arranging, too.


Anonymous said...

Please can I be the annoying women who warbles loudly throughout all of the singing, in a shrill, ear piercing way. Is the church big enough for pews, an organ, a rev and all the other churchy things, or is it, as I suspect, an imposter, full of compost and gardening tools?

Vic said...

Can't wait for Ant's first harvest festival!

Bloggers4Labour said...

Do you have a second organ, J? :-)

Actually I haven't seen the shed either, but it must only be a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

is this how cults start? also i look like a psychopath and am worried about my image and ill no longer be able to borrow tools from john on the neighbouring plot in case he thinks his Chillingham Hoe will be used in animal sacrifices.

Anonymous said...

Ant if you want me to paint your shed with lots of pshychedelic patterns you know where to find me.

NIGEL? Where is Nigel!