Monday, August 09, 2004

slowed chipmunks

Uncovering some fabulous stuff, today, quite by accident. Take this. Pete Ashton's Weblog points me to an MP3 of... well, I'll let him explain.

"This is a Chipmunks record (y'know, from the cartoon) slowed down so the voices of the chipmunks are three normal blokes enunciating very clearly while everything else is a slow drone"

And it's brilliant. Well, the first time, anyway.

Here it is. Apologies, Pete, for stealing the link out of your site, but I couldn't find a way to link to the relavent part of your mp3 blog.

Slowed Chipmunks (right click and save as target, etc)

Pete's site is great, by the way, so go see for yourself.

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