Thursday, August 19, 2004

cigarette break

The author of Smoking Women are Sexy takes issue with the idea that he is doing anything wrong on his website, where he is "trying to get to grips" with his smoking fetish. Unfortunately, one of his habits is taking photos of women in public (without their consent) and posting them on his site. Still, it sounds like he's getting a bit of stick and I don't want to add to that; merely to mention that his site, which has got interesting recently due to an unforeseen (but surely inevitable) incident, here, is worth a look.


BB said...

Just had my first look at the pics. Can't say it did anything for me, but that's why it's a fetish. I mean, it's crazy for him to try and establish something about smoking women that is inherently sexy (e.g. cigarette as phallic symbol - groan), when all that's happened is that a pivotal psychological moment in his life involved a lady smoking and this has simmered over time to become a big part of his life.

I'm sure it's pretty harmless, but if it's a problem, it's one for his shrink. I don't think it's something you can 'work out' with like minds, who all acquired their fetish in different circumstances.

For me: Smoking Women are ... more wrinkly, have browner fingers, shorter lives, and mean I come home reeking of the foul stuff, but beneath all that are perfectly ordinary and average.

That said, 95000 hits and an overloaded server can't be wrong :-)

Flamingo said...

Thanks for the publicity...all publicity is good publicity i suppose...i have made reference to this post in my blog - just trying once again to justify my blog although i do understand that it can be difficult to explain things to people without a smoking fetish - most of the time i feel i dont even understand.

Anyway, thanks for the link, and nice blog btw


jonathan said...

Hi Flamino,

Thanks - I don't mean to sound overly censorious when I describe your blog; it is interesting, even if I feel squeamish about the consent issue, although not so much the fetish thing. I hope you sort things out without too many more upsetting experiences, for you or anyone else.

All the best, j.