Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Pete Ashton's linklog points me to the following site: Mailwatch: Watching them, watching us, which is a fabulous idea which maybe needs a bit of development; at the moment it's mostly poking fun at the front page and the odd-spoof, whereas the possibilities of making serious satirical points aided by this obscene and vulgar paper are near limitless.

When I commuted in London I would often pick up Daily Mails on the tube and I almost miss the attacks of gibbering fury and burst-out-loud hilarity that reading it would induce. Hopefully the bloggers behind Mailwatch can mine this rich vein of material. And if you spot any appropriate stories for them, drop them an email.

And, not meaning to brag, the banner line on the Mail on the 29th June ('Can You See an Elephant on the Underground?') refers to a website which I spotted and mentioned in February. Here's the link it referred to again...


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Jon said...

I can confirm that we are planning to be more satirical and scathing, the problem at the moment is we're both too embarassed to buy the paper in our local newsagents, and too cheap to pay £2 a week subscription for the online version (we're working on this)

In the meantime, any contributions gratefully accepted