Thursday, August 19, 2004

gig last week

I never did get round to writing anything about Assistant's gig last week; not because it was unmemorable but because I was so busy the next day and I've been away from my computer since. All the same, now a bit of time has passed I don't think I need to provide too detailed a description; suffice it to say that, despite us not getting round to rehearsing for this one, it went as well as we could have hoped and we were arguably a bit more forceful than usual; we didn't play a particularly heavy set (we never do), but we had nice loud synths and Pete's guitar derailed into feedback on a few really satisfying instances. The new song, which I've started calling 'Theme' now, in the absence of anything more concrete, went much better than it did in London and the rest of the set was punchy and tight. I've got a recording of the show which I'll put online later this week. To anyone who came along; thanks for doing so. I'll have to get the next gig sorted out, now...


BB said...

As it doesn't look like I'll ever get round to do my review (sigh!), one thing I was meaning to say was that that performance reminded me of New Order circa 1981/2 (as heard on Substance CD2 and the Peel Sessions). The synths and guitars are obvious, but it was the melodica that really made me think of it.

PS. I've just been contacted about appearing at The Electric sessions @ on the 5th!

jonathan said...

Well, obviously I'm delighted that there were echoes of early New Order, that's great; thanks a lot. I kind of got the impression we sounded better than usual last week, but I'm being careful to say that in case someone puts me straight :-)

On the 5th? Wow - I want to see BB play live. You thinking of going for it?