Thursday, August 05, 2004

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Just thought I'd bring a few songs back up to the top of the page.

You Should Know (demo)
Freaks (demo)
What It Means (live)

Next gig is at the Pav Tav next Thursday.
Details below somewhere, and at the Assistant website.

comments below always appreciated x


Anonymous said...

The live track is brilliant. Quite like the other two.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. What It Means is the best song there. Is there more stuff for downloading?


jonathan said...

More songs recorded - yes. More songs online - yes and no. If you go here you can download some of our old songs, but they're a bit out of date now. We've got some new songs recorded but I've got no webspace left to host them on. If you drop me an email (there's a link on my profile) I'll send you a CD. You too, Gary.

jonathan said...

UPDATE: the new songs are now online, and can be downloaded here.